Rules & Regulations - Event Safety



Normal Road rules apply, and those found to be overloading vehicles may be removed from the event for this year and future years.

The event will be conducted on public roads. These roads are open to the public and ALL vehicles are therefore obliged to observe all civil road rules at all times. The NSW Police will be joining us along the entire convoy route. There are a few rules but they will help ensure Convoy is safe for everyone and incident free.


1. Have fun!! Remember why we are doing this.

This whole event is meant to be fun, safe and to raise money for our community. Keep that in mind during the whole event and you will enjoy it even more!

2. Lead vehicle.

The company which has paid the most money to lead the event will do so.

3. Behaviour

Any anti-social and/or inappropriate behavior by any participant or official that brings this event into disrepute will be viewed very seriously by the organizers and Police.

4. Alcohol & Drugs

This event is an alcohol and drug free event. If any official believes that a driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs at any stage of the event, then we have the right to call in the police to have that driver tested for the level of alcohol or drugs in their system. This will not be tolerated in any way, shape or form.

5. Passengers

If you are planning to carry passengers with you in your truck or on your bike, they MUST travel with you to the start point. Passengers – particularly children – WILL NOT be permitted to be dropped off at West Cliff or Cataract to join a vehicle already there. This constitutes a major safety concern and will not be tolerated. NSW Police will be patrolling the colliery and Maddens Plains to ensure drivers & passengers are not gathered in dangerous positions. Please ensure children are kept OFF the road, and take extra care when hailing, boarding and alighting from the shuttle buses. Any children participating in the event will be under the care and control of a responsible adult.

Under no circumstances will any vehicle operate with any person located on the exterior of the vehicle not designed and approved for passengers.

6. Random Vehicle Checks

NSW Police have advised that upon entering the event that random cabin/vehicle inspections will be conducted to ensure compliance with passenger restriction/ Australian Road Rules & police will stop any vehicle breaching passenger restrictions / Australian Road Rules and take legal action against any person committing an offence. Please take EXTRA care to ensure all passengers are wearing seatbelts & DO NOT allow children to sit on your lap if you are driving. It is also important that bunk sections are completely secured during the event.

7. Rubbish

Please look after the environment. Do not throw rubbish out of your vehicle. Please keep it and place in rubbish bins when we reach our final destination.

8. Speed Limits

This event is NOT a race! It is an observation run. You must obey all the NSW and Australian road rules at all times. If the NSW Police fine anyone for speeding they will be excluded from the entire event. We have worked very hard with local government and local police to make this event work. Please be sensible and obey all speed limits and road rules. Do not do anything to put other participants or the general public in danger. Please take extra care coming down Mount Ousley – particularly you very heavy vehicles & cranes. Remember the 40 kmh speed limit.

9. Motorbikes

You will be under police escort. THERE IS NO GREEN LIGHT CORRIDOR. Please stop on red lights and do not proceed – even if regular traffic stops to wait for you to cross. Please do not overtake your police escort - ideally we’d like the bikes to immediately precede the trucks along the majority of the route. Please keep to a SINGLE LANE.

10. Vehicle problems

If you do get a flat or have a problem pull off the road to a safe location to work on your vehicle. If you see someone stranded on the roadside, please ensure you communicate the message via radio to an official or a fellow participant.

11. No Throwing of Lollies

Please do not through lollies from trucks, motorbikes and/or into the road during the Convoy. This causes the undue hazard of children running into the road.

12. No High Fives

Please do not high five people from a moving vehicle or motorbike. Although many people may have a hand out wanting a high five, it is extremely dangerous and illegal. High fiving also encourages people to breach the roads edge and at risk of an incident with another vehicle.

13. No Smoking

Smoking is not permitted at the South 32 lead truck and bike start point. If you do smoke in your vehicle at other locations, please do not throw cigarettes out the window or on the ground. Put them out properly and put them in a safe and non-hazardous place. And please refrain from smoking in the cabin if children are present.

14. Air Horns

Please do not use your air horns around livestock and horses – particularly at Springhill Road and along the East-West link approaching the Croome Road Sporting Complex. It is very distressing and may cause them to injure themselves by trying to jump fences etc.

15. Keep the Flow

To keep the Convoy flowing, and allow for other traffic on the road, please remain in your allocated position during the convoy and not overtake any other convoy vehicle unless directed to by police or authorised event organiser. It is also important we keep up with all police escort vehicles – they will be setting the required pace, so please follow their lead in regards to choice of lane.