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Sunday 20th November 2022

2021 shirt was Royal Blue, we will let everyone know 2022’s shirt colour when we decide on it!

  • 815am lead bikes leave Appin south 32 colliery
  • Followed by all other bikes at 830am Kids and families buses leave Appin at approx 835am
  • Lead trucks follow the buses from Appin south 32
  • Non Lead trucks at Maddens plains will join onto the convoy after lead trucks and follow them down mount Ousley,
  • turning left onto masters rd,
  • then right onto five islands road past Bluescope,
  • then through Cringila, Warrawong, Windang, Warilla, then right onto Shellharbour rd near maccas, then along to the oak flats interchange where they will turn right onto the Princes Highway.
  • The convoy finish line this year will be out the front of the convoy shop at the corner of Airport Rd and Princes Highway where vehicles will complete convoy, disperse and go home.
  • Bikes should finish here around 915-930am with kids and families buses to follow shortly after followed by the trucks

  • NOTE; these are guides only as times may vary depending on traffic and weather conditions. Pack your picnic, Pick your spot along the 80kms of convoy, and join in the fun. Please stay courteous to each other and abide by security and police instructions. We all want a safe fun convoy for all!


The trucks and motorbikes love seeing the roadside support of the community as they head down Mount Ousley to Albion Park. The motorbikes in the convoy will leave Appin Rd at approximately 815am followed by the lead trucks. It’s estimated that the bikes will begin to complete convoy on the Princes Highway Albion Park Rail from around 9am and the trucks at approximately 9.30am – 10am.

The best vantage points to watch the convoy from are:

Any of the overpasses on the F6 to Master’s Rd
The top of Mt Ousley
Bulli Tops
Master’s Rd, Coniston
King St, Warrawong
Windang Rd, Windang
Lake Illawarra Hotel, Windang
The corner of Shellharbour Rd & Lake Entrance Rd, Warilla
Shellharbour Rd, Shellharbour
Lake Entrance Rd and New Lake Entrance Rd, Shellharbour
Princes Highway Albion Park Rail, between Bunnings and Wollybutt Rd, plenty of trees and shade!!
Princes Highway in front of Albion Oval


We love seeing the community support on the route of Convoy, but there are a few VERY IMPORTANT saftey messages we would like to share with you. It will only take one major incident to seriously affect the future of our amazing Convoy.

1. Please stay off the roads.
2. Do not high five motorbikes or trucks, this is very dangerous and illegal.
3. Please abide by all Police and Traffic Controller instructions.
4. When trucks and bikes are rolling in please be mindful when crossing the road as normal road rules apply.
5. Watch your kids!
6. Due to the dry weather, be weary of any fire hazards and dispose of cigarette butts thoughtfully.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility, so please look out for others and thanks for your cooperation!!!

$30, which includes a free Convoy tshirt, and they can be only be done now at the Convoy Shop, Corner of Airport Rd and Princes Highway Albion Park Rail. Our final opening day is Saturday 4th December 9m-2pm

Currently the Convoy Shop, Corner of PRinces Highway and Airport Rd, Albion Park Rail is closed. We open the shop in October when we launch the event. Any remaining stock from previous events can be purchased via our online merchandise store.https://illawarraconvoy.com.au/store

Here’s a full pricing list of our products. NOTE: Many may be sold out, if you cant select it on the online store, we dont have any stock left!

TRUCK/ MOTORBIKE EVENT REGO (includes Convoy t-shirt) $30



  • Kids hoodies - $25
  • Adult hoodies -$35
  • small stickers - $1
  • medium stickers - $2
  • large stickers - $3
  • massive stickers - $12
  • truck stickers - $30
  • wristbands- $2
  • temporary tattoos - $2
  • pens - $3
  • truck or motorbike key rings - $5
  • bandanas -$5
  • hand sanitiser - $5
  • car flags -$6
  • hair scrunchies - $6 each of 2 for $10
  • pencil cases - $8
  • face masks - $10
  • sunglasses - $10
  • stubbie holders - $10
  • iron on motorbike patches - $10
  • coffee cups - $10
  • trucker caps - $15
  • beanies -$15
  • drink bottles - $10
  • wide brimmed hats - $20
  • teddy bears - $20
  • truck flags - $50
  • custom truck flags - $70
  • umbrellas -$20 each or 2 for $30
  • cooler bags - $30
  • backpacks - $15

​Please email info@i98illawarraconvoy.com.au and our team of amazing volunteers can assist you.

We will be monitoring the Covid-19 restrictions throughout the year and are hopeful we will have a family fun day at Shellharbour Airport in 2022.

The event will be conducted on public roads. These roads are open to the public and ALL vehicles are therefore obliged to observe all civil road rules at all times. The NSW Police will be joining us along the entire convoy route. There are a few rules but they will help ensure Convoy is safe for everyone and incident free.


1. Have fun!! Remember why we are doing this.

This whole event is meant to be fun, safe and to raise money for our community. Keep that in mind during the whole event and you will enjoy it even more!

2. Lead vehicle.

The company which has paid the most money to lead the event will do so.

3. Behaviour

Any anti-social and/or inappropriate behavior by any participant or official that brings this event into disrepute will be viewed very seriously by the organizers and Police.

4. Alcohol & Drugs

This event is an alcohol and drug free event. If any official believes that a driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs at any stage of the event, then we have the right to call in the police to have that driver tested for the level of alcohol or drugs in their system. This will not be tolerated in any way, shape or form.

5. Passengers

If you are planning to carry passengers with you in your truck or on your bike, they MUST travel with you to the start point. Passengers – particularly children – WILL NOT be permitted to be dropped off at West Cliff or Cataract to join a vehicle already there. This constitutes a major safety concern and will not be tolerated. NSW Police will be patrolling the colliery and Maddens Plains to ensure drivers & passengers are not gathered in dangerous positions. Please ensure children are kept OFF the road, and take extra care when hailing, boarding and alighting from the shuttle buses. Any children participating in the event will be under the care and control of a responsible adult.

Under no circumstances will any vehicle operate with any person located on the exterior of the vehicle not designed and approved for passengers.

6. Random Vehicle Checks

NSW Police have advised that upon entering the event that random cabin/vehicle inspections will be conducted to ensure compliance with passenger restriction/ Australian Road Rules & police will stop any vehicle breaching passenger restrictions / Australian Road Rules and take legal action against any person committing an offence. Please take EXTRA care to ensure all passengers are wearing seatbelts & DO NOT allow children to sit on your lap if you are driving. It is also important that bunk sections are completely secured during the event.

7. Rubbish

Please look after the environment. Do not throw rubbish out of your vehicle. Please keep it and place in rubbish bins when we reach our final destination.

8. Speed Limits

This event is NOT a race! It is an observation run. You must obey all the NSW and Australian road rules at all times. If the NSW Police fine anyone for speeding they will be excluded from the entire event. We have worked very hard with local government and local police to make this event work. Please be sensible and obey all speed limits and road rules. Do not do anything to put other participants or the general public in danger. Please take extra care coming down Mount Ousley – particularly you very heavy vehicles & cranes. Remember the 40 kmh speed limit.

9. Motorbikes

You will be under police escort. THERE IS NO GREEN LIGHT CORRIDOR. Please stop on red lights and do not proceed – even if regular traffic stops to wait for you to cross. Please do not overtake your police escort - ideally we’d like the bikes to immediately precede the trucks along the majority of the route. Please keep to a SINGLE LANE.

10. Vehicle problems

If you do get a flat or have a problem pull off the road to a safe location to work on your vehicle. If you see someone stranded on the roadside, please ensure you communicate the message via radio to an official or a fellow participant.

11. No Throwing of Lollies

Please do not through lollies from trucks, motorbikes and/or into the road during the Convoy. This causes the undue hazard of children running into the road.

12. No High Fives

Please do not high five people from a moving vehicle or motorbike. Although many people may have a hand out wanting a high five, it is extremely dangerous and illegal. High fiving also encourages people to breach the roads edge and at risk of an incident with another vehicle.

13. No Smoking

Smoking is not permitted at the South 32 lead truck and bike start point. If you do smoke in your vehicle at other locations, please do not throw cigarettes out the window or on the ground. Put them out properly and put them in a safe and non-hazardous place. And please refrain from smoking in the cabin if children are present.

14. Air Horns

Please do not use your air horns around livestock and horses – particularly at Springhill Road and along the East-West link approaching the Croome Road Sporting Complex. It is very distressing and may cause them to injure themselves by trying to jump fences etc.

15. Keep the Flow

To keep the Convoy flowing, and allow for other traffic on the road, please remain in your allocated position during the convoy and not overtake any other convoy vehicle unless directed to by police or authorised event organiser. It is also important we keep up with all police escort vehicles – they will be setting the required pace, so please follow their lead in regards to choice of lane.


​in 2022

Lead Bikes Wednesday 16th November 7-9am on i98FM

Lead Trucks - Commence on the Breakfast Show on i98FM with smaller bids Monday 14th November, Then the medium bids Thursday 17nd December 7-9am, and the big bidders come out to play from 11am-12noon


If you are interested in participating in the auction, the rules are as follows:

To be a part of the auction and in ‘The Lead Truck Pack’ a minimum bid of $1,000 is required. Each bid is paid by the company or person, even if outbid by another person or company. This will get you ONE truck in the pack.

If you’d like more than one truck in the lead pack, then you need to bid $1,000 per truck up to FIVE trucks.

Anything over five trucks (or a $5,000 bid) is considered a company and you can enter as many trucks (within reason) from the ONE COMPANY as you like.

Your vehicles will be placed in order down the line based on the amount on money you have bid / donated to the i98fm Illawarra Convoy.

PLEASE NOTE: If you plan on bidding in the auction, you MUST still register your truck / trucks with convoy by filling out an application form and paying the $30 registration fee.


To be a part of the auction and in ‘The Lead Bike Pack’ a minimum bid of $1,000 is required. Each bid is paid by the company or person, even if outbid by another person or company. Bidding starts at $1,000 and the person or company with highest bid, will have the opportunity to have 20 bikes ride at the front of the Convoy in a lead pack that will be separated by Police from the rest of the bikes participating in the event.

To register your lead truck or bike bid email it to marty@i98fm.com.au

Here’s 2021’s lead truck bidders. Who will it be this year?

Here’s 2021’s lead bike bidders. Who will it be this year?

Yes, to register your fundraising activity please contact our convoy manager; Mark Rigby rigbym@i98illawarraconvoy.com.au to discuss your fundraising ideas, and complete a sanction to fundraise so its all above board!

You can support Convoy buy making a donation, buying a raffle ticket, buying some merchandise, or bidding on a silent auction item. All of these things can be done contactless, on the Convoy Website www.illawarraconvoy.com.au

You can also set up a free online fundraising page for Convoy that can be personalized with a photo, fundraising target and message on the convoy website and share it via email and social media. https://illawarraconvoy.com.au/fundraising

To donate to a truck or bike, search for their name on the homepage, and follow the prompts! https://illawarraconvoy.com.au/browse/individuals

SILENT AUCTION HAVE CLOSED FOR 2021. Thanks to our amazing donors we usually have several silent auctions on the website. Keep an eye out for 2022 prizes and snag a bargain next year! https://illawarraconvoy.com.au/auctions

The annual i98FM Illawarra Convoy Raffle is now closed for the year with the draw happening on 29th November, 2021 and all prizes claimed. This year we had some amazing prizes up for grabs thanks to Motocity & MJ Rowles, Cool Blue Air Conditioning, Enhance, Coles, Total Tools, Novotel Northbeach, Touchdown Helicopters, M2 Kitchen and more. We usually launch the annual raffle around September each year and you can win a prize for as little as $5 a ticket!

Yes the people Convoy & Illawarra Community Foundation support don’t get a year off their treatment because of Covid-19. We will continue to support families affected by potentially life threatening medical conditions with food and fuel vouchers, medical equipment, schooling needs, pharmacy accounts and more. Our support of local charities working with these patients and local hospitals has not changed. Our funding program is open year round with no closing date.
Funding applications are viewed by a funding committee monthly. For more details https://illawarraconvoy.com.au/funding

Custom Truck Flags orders are now closed for the year and will reopen in October 2022. ​Custom flags are $70 where you can place your business name, family name or name of a loved one on them. We need to close these off at least two weeks prior to the event to ensure they arrive on time for everyone. When we open the event next year you can buy these online on the Convoy merch store!

Below are the figures for each year:



RAISED $47,978.70


RAISED $93,829.96


RAISED $179,555.45


RAISED $287,967.70


RAISED $341,487.33


RAISED $536,234.75




RAISED $691,570.01


RAISED $1,034,921.54


RAISED $1,191,816.22



RAISED $1,539,907.00



RAISED $1,725,057.00


RAISED $1,805,306.00



RAISED $1,928,492.00



RAISED $2,000,000.00



RAISED $2,760974.25




RAISED $1,050,327.11 replaced By Convoy At Home TV Special




RAISED $3,047,473

In 2016 Our Convoy broadened its focus in 2016 with a new name and greater charitable reach.

The region’s biggest one-day fundraising event has been rebadged as the i98FM Illawarra Convoy to reflect its commitment to broaden the support to the Illawarra and South Coast community.

Illawarra Convoy creator Marty Haynes says the move reflects the growth and success of the charity drive during the past 12 years.

“We began with the goal of raising $20,000 for kids and their families who are living with cancer and in the first year the Illawarra community took up the gauntlet and donated $52,000. That generosity has grown to the point that we now feel we can broaden the scope of our support to the many worthy charitable causes in the region,” he said.

“Our region is well known for its generosity and with the encouragement of the trucking and biking community, we believe this is a step forward to expand our beneficiaries.”

i98FM Station Manager Sean O’Shannassy says the convoy has raised more than $9.3 million in its 12-year history and is in a prime position to help the community it serves on multiple levels.

“Due to our position in the community and the goodwill that has been established as a direct result of Convoy, i98FM is regularly inundated with requests for assistance from charities and individuals within the
Illawarra,” he said.

“While we do our best to help wherever we can, we are often unable to assist those who reach out to us in the meaningful way that we’d like to. With the continued generosity of those in our region, we are now able to help others that are in need. It’s certainly an exciting time for all of us involved in Convoy and we are thrilled that the event has evolved to a point where it can have an even greater impact on our community.”