Illawarra Community Foundation

The i98FM Illawarra Convoy broadened its focus in 2016 with a new name and greater charitable reach. The region’s biggest one-day fundraising event has been rebadged as the i98FM Illawarra Convoy to reflect its commitment to broaden the support to the Illawarra and South Coast community.

Convoy contributes to a range of local groups and individuals through the newly formed Illawarra Community Foundation. The administrative and financial costs of running the event are managed by members of the Foundation.

The Illawarra Community Foundation is responsibile for ensuring all funds raised by the event are distributed to charities and families in need and is accountable for the decisions made. We will ensure the funds raised through the Illawarra community who have supported this event so strongly over the years can benefit the greatest amount of people within the Illawarra and South Coast regions.

The Illawarra Community Foundation board comprises of a dedicated team of people who are involved in the organisation and continuing success of the event as well as those with the skills and experience to best distribute and manage the funds.

All funds raised are pooled and distributed by the Illawarra Community Foundation through a submissions process. Individual donors cannot choose a recipient to distribute their funds to but all applicants who fit the criteria are welcome to apply for funding.


We reduce the financial and emotional burden on families who have a member undergoing treatment for a potentially life threatening illness.


1. The Illawarra Community Foundation provides financial assistance and respite services to individuals and their families living in the Illawarra & South Coast regions who are suffering financially due to a potentially life threatening illness.

2. The Illawarra Community Foundation offers financial assistance to any association or organisation, whose objects are altogether or in part similar to those of the Illawarra Community Foundation

3. Provides direct funding for the purchase of medical equipment for hospitals within the Illawarra and Shoalhaven Health District in consultation with the Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health staff, so that these hospitals are able to obtain the most current equipment for diagnosis and treatment

Funding application information, selection criteria, and application processes are available at . Fore more information email Convoy Manager Mark Rigby

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