Terms & Conditions


  • Your participation in this event is at your own risk. In the event that you are involved in a vehicle accident at any point during your journey on this convoy the Illawarra Community Foundation or I98FM (WIN Radio) is not liable for any damages sustained by vehicle or person. You are therefore required to show evidence of all the appropriate registration and insurances required for your participation in Convoy.
  • I am aware that ALL NSW road rules apply whilst I am participating in the Convoy
  • I AGREE to follow ALL road rules and directions from the police or designated traffic management company
  • I verify that the bike I will be riding is registered
  • I verify that I am a holder of a current motorbike licence suited to the bike I will be riding
  • I verify that if I carry a pillion passenger I am licensed to do so
  • I verify that ANY pillion passenger I carry will be 8 years or older
  • I verify that helmets will be worn at ALL times by ALL participants
  • I will NOT throw any items including lollies into the crowd
  • I will NOT Hi-Five people in the crowd whilst my bike is moving