Convoy Route, start and finish locations and start times

All you need to know about start locations, times and route of Convoy!

The 2020 i98FM Illawarra Convoy, scheduled to take place Sunday 15th of November will look a little different this year. Regrettably, due to Covid-19 restrictions the largest truck and motorbike Convoy in the Southern Hemisphere, from Appin to Albion Park, and the free family fun day at Shellharbour Airport will not be going ahead as anticipated. “In an effort to minimise the spread of COVID-19, we feel this is the most socially responsible decision for everyone involved, and the Illawarra Community” said Illawarra Community Foundation Chairman Andrew Lancaster. “We know everyone looks forward to Convoy each year, but the current restrictions mean getting together in large numbers for events just isn’t possible at the moment, and we join a long list of events that have had to change their approach this year. Although there is an alternative; you can celebrate Convoy this year with those close to you, from your own home, without the crowds”

With the backing of the WIN Network and i98FM, the 2020 i98FM Illawarra Convoy event will be replaced with a television special airing the same day as Convoy, Sunday 15th of November. “The special will feature historical Convoy footage, stories from the families, charities and hospitals Convoy has supported over the years, interviews with our donors & supporters, and the magical moments Convoy has provided over the years.” said Convoy Founder Marty Haynes. More details on the television special will be advised soon via the WIN Network, i98FM and Convoy’s website and Facebook.


Trucks that are entered into the non-lead pack are asked NOT to start marshaling their vehicles until 5am, as you will be occupying a public road.

To access the non-lead start point

1. Travel north on the M1 expressway toward Sydney.

2. Take the Helensburgh exit and turn left onto the Old Princes Highway and head south toward Wollongong.

3. You will be instructed by Traffic Logistics Traffic Controllers and event staff to single file parking in the left lane (South Bound).

4. The speed limit will be 40km and all road rules apply, no double parking, no trucks are to cross onto the North Bound Lane of the Old Princes Highway under any circumstances.

5. Only trucks that are pre-registered will be eligible to take part in the Convoy– this is a directive from the NSW Police and no exceptions can be made.


7. There will be three coffee vans, and three BBQs along the line up. Two mini buses will ferry drivers to and from coffee, food and toilets.


Individuals who take part in the Lead Truck Donation Drive and donate a minimum of $1000 are eligible to form part of the lead truck section of Convoy. Each fleet will follow in order of donation size.

Please assemble at West Cliff Colliery NO EARLIER than 6am, and NO LATER than 7.30am. West Cliff Colliery is shutting down operations for us so please adhere strictly to these times – THERE WILL BE COAL TRUCKS ENTERING AND LEAVING THE COLLIERY BEFORE 6AM.
Only trucks that are pre-registered will be eligible to take part in the Convoy. Trucks that have not pre-registered will not be eligible to take part in this year’s Convoy – this is a directive from the NSW Police and no exceptions can be made. NO STICKER OR REGSITRATION EMAIL – NO ENTRY.
Please note Wedderburn Road has a special event speed limit of 40kmh in place which WILL be enforced. Site map attached. You will be briefed by Police and trucks will leave after all the motorbikes have gone beforehand.
As you head into the West Cliff Colliery site on Wedderburn Rd, please note there is only ONE U TURN BAY which is located at the end of Wedderburn Rd (as per map below).. U Turns are NOT permitted on any section of the road

BBQ and coffee station will be positioned in main car park along Wedderburn Rd at Pit stop 1 and additional BBQs and coffee outlets will be placed along the roads.
Toilets are located

o Pit stop 1 - Main car park

o Pit stop 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 - down Wedderburn Rd




Please assemble in the MAIN CARPARK at West Cliff Colliery NO EARLIER than 7am. You will be briefed by police at 7.45am and your section of Convoy will depart under police escort at 8.15am. Please follow police directives along the route and remain in one lane.