Coles employee to wax whole body after his store smashed their fundraising target!

Coles employee to wax whole body after his store smashed their fundraising target!

30 November, 2018

Each and every year Coles Ulladulla raises funds for the Illawarra Convoy, after a couple of years of poor donations, an employee offered to do something left of field to raise some extra cash.
year, the store only raised $800 for the convoy, so dry goods manager James Provest decided to raise the stakes in the hope of bumping up community support. The weeks rolled by, it didn’t look like Coles would hit the target, but when James returned from a holiday, he was shocked to find the store had smashed the $3000 goal. He’s not looking forward to having his whole body waxed, James said he was proud of the community for raising so much to support the Illawarra Convoy.

750 trucks and close to 1100 bikes took part in the convoy this year, which raised close to $2 million for the Illawarra Community Foundation. The foundation provides financial assistance and respite services to individuals and their families living in the Illawarra and South Coast regions who are suffering financially due to a potentially life threatening illness.

“A lot of people in the community benefit from convoy and we needed to do a lot better than $800,” he said. “So I turned around and said if you make $3000 I’ll get my whole body waxed.”

As“They made $3700 which is awesome,” he said. “But I didn’t think they would make it, and we ended up being one of the highest ranked stores for our efforts.” James has come good on his promise, and will have his whole body waxed next week. “I’ll be having my arms, legs, chest and back waxed,” he said.

“I’ve never had a wax before and I’m not looking forward to it.” The closest thing James has ever had to a wax is sports tape, he said. “When you pull it off hair comes of with it, and that kind of hurts,” he said “It’s a bit the same, the waxing is probably a lot more intense though.”

Carrie from Smooth on the Move has donated her time to wax James at the store on Friday, December 7. “She’s been generous enough to donate her time and wax to see me cry,” he said. While“I can’t believe the lengths the staff went to to raise so much,” he said. “It’s great for the convoy and all the families it helps.”