Megan receives support during cancer treatment.

In 2013 at 45 years of age, Megan Smith from Primbee was diagnosed with bowel cancer while visiting family in Bathurst. The shock diagnosis resulted in 2.5 weeks in hospital for immediate treatment, and a further 6 weeks of recuperation, before Megan was re diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2015, which resulted in another 2 weeks in hospital and another 8 weeks off work.

To make matters worse, Megan was then diagnosed with liver cancer in 2016, and during an operation to treat this, surgeons found extensive cancer in Megan’s stomach.  She was also then diagnosed with peritoneal cancer.

Megan has been living with cancer and ongoing treatment for the last four years, meaning she has been unable to work full time, placing herself, her partner and her 14 year old son Liam under considerable financial strain.  Doctors have unfortunately advised Megan’s life expectancy is 3-5 years. Megan has recently undergone her 2nd peritonectomy operation in under 12 months where they removed cancer from the liver and stomach.

During treatment Megan, her son and her partner routinely travel from Primbee to Kogarah, daily for two weeks at a time. This daily commute from Primbee to Kogarah and continuous treatment costs has put a financial strain on Megan and her young son as they struggle to make ends meet.

Aware of the funding available from the funds raised during the i98FM Illawarra Convoy, Megan’s friend Janelle Trigg submitted an application for support on her behalf. The request for support was granted and Megan and her family will now receive food and fuel vouchers to assist her during treatment.

“Megan has been through many ups and downs for the last four years with several different types of cancer. We are proud to present her and Liam with support to help them during treatment,” says Marty Haynes, i98FM presenter.  

Megan receives support during cancer treatment.