Jessica receives support from Illawarra Community Foundation

Jessica Lowe was referred to Professor Philip Clingan in September 2015 at age 22, with advanced cancerous tumors in her body. She was treated with chemotherapy and radiation followed by extensive surgery in December 2015.

“Jessica is a brave young woman who has been through major surgery and chemotherapy to try and save her life” says Professor Clingan. “She was in a sad state of affairs when I submitted her application, she didn’t have a permanent residence - relying on family and friends to accommodate her.”

Jessica had sent Professor Clingan a letter advising him that due to her financial hardship, she can no longer pay for her procedures and is struggling to make ends meet with a range of medical expenses incurred for her ongoing treatment.

The Professor made an application to the Illawarra Community Foundation on Jessica’s behalf, requesting assistance with medical and medication expenses. As a result, a $3,000 pharmacy account has now been set up at Jessica’s preferred pharmacy in Nowra. This will allow her to purchase her medication and medical support equipment required for treatment, and will take some of the financial stress away for her.  Jessica will also receive $1,000 in food vouchers to help her during this difficult time.

 “Having to deal with cancerous tumors, chemotherapy and surgery is difficult enough, let alone enduring the stress of medical expenses and not having a permanent place to call home.” says Mark Rigby i98FM Illawarra Convoy Manager. “The Illawarra Community Foundation is proud to support Jessica by covering her medical and food expenses and hope this can assist her in her journey with cancer”

Jessica receives support from Illawarra Community Foundation