Convoy History


i98FM’s Illawarra Convoy has been a much-anticipated community event on the Illawarra calendar since it’s inception in 2005. The i98FM Illawarra Convoy is the largest truck convoy in the Southern Hemmisphere, and one of the largest regional one day fundraising events in Australia. Our Convoy has also received national recognition winning 10 Annual Australian Radio and Commercial Awards for Best Community Service Project.

The Convoy which was held Sunday November 18, 2018 raised an astounding $2,000,000! After a first live announcement on air with i98FM’s breakfast team of $1,936,868.70, a call was received in the studio from Bluescope’s Dave Bell, who rounded the figure up to $2,000,000. 2018’s announcement was up from the total funds raised in 2017 of $1,928,492

The event which is now in its 15th year in 2019, saw 721 trucks and 965 motorbikes travel 70 kilometres from Illawarra Coal’s West Cliff Colliery at Appin, through the streets of the Illawarra, to finish up at the new home of Convoy, Shellharbour Airport. The Convoy arrived at the airport for a huge free family fun day, featuring live entertainment from Choirboys & Sheppard, Freestyle Motocross displays, market stalls , helicopter joy flights and kid rides. Registrations were open to all Truck and Motorbike enthusiasts who entered for a $30 donation. Last week, the opportunity to take the coveted position as the lead truck in the Convoy was fought out live on air with Marty, Christie and Crammy. Winning top spot with a bid of $310,000 was the ‘Dandaloo Boys’, a group consisting of local businesses, The Dandaloo Hotel, Coastal Windows & Doors, Doherty Transport, Illawarra Engineering Services and Snare Fabrication.

In addition to the $310,000 winning donation, Derek McMahon & the People’s Truck also contributed $181,000, along with Illawarra Truck Repairs and Spares $180,000 and MJ Rowles at $117,500. Bluescope’s unexpected extra donation of $63,131.30, and their entertainment sponsorship of $50,000 made a total donation of $113,131.30 towards Convoy.

Leading the motorbikes in the Convoy with the winning amount of $90,203.45 was Carr brothers Motorcycles, followed by Coles Illawarra at $46,000, James at $26,000 and the Leisure Coast Bike riders team of $20,000.

The 2018 announcement now means that a total of $13,450,158 has been raised in the Convoy’s 14 year history. All monies raised in the event will go to the Illawarra Community Foundation who distribute funds to local charities and families who are facing life threatening illness, as well as supporting local hospitals with vital medical equipment and upgrades. Submissions for funding can be made at the Convoy website

Convoy Founder and i98FM Breakfast Show host Marty Haynes said of this morning’s result “It never ceases to amaze me how generous the people of the Illawarra are. This money will help to make a real difference to those who are bravely facing other illnesses and hardships in our community. To everyone who has supported Convoy, thank you…be nothing but proud of yourselves.”

In 2005 when i98FM first set out to hold a Convoy, we could never have imagined how much the community would embrace our event the way they have.

Below are the figures for each year:

Year No. of Trucks No. of Motorbikes Total funds raised
2005 Approx 110 Approx 100 $47,978.70
2006 Approx 250 Approx 150 $93,829.96
2007 500+ 200 $179,555.45
2008 589 384 $287,967.70
2009 711 403 $341,487.33
2010 750 667 $536,234.75
2011 704 724 $691,570.01
2012 764 926 $1,034,921.54
2013 780 872 $1,191,816.22
2014 791 1,200 $1,539,907.00

















Total funds raised since 2005 = $13,450,158