Sheree Mason’s Motorbike Ride for Convoy

Sheree Mason’s Motorbike Ride for Convoy

Raising money for CONVOY and children in need has always been something I’m passionate about.

“You never know what is around the corner, and if you can help out in the community count us in.”

This year I’m approaching CONVOY a little differently. After reaching
a personal goal of completing the CONVOY Cycle 1000km two year’s
consecutively, raising over $58 000. I will be staying on two wheels
switching cycling for motorbike riding as the cycle isn’t going ahead
and I still want to raise much needed funds for those in need.

Together I will be teaming up with Wollongong Car Carriers to raise a
personal goal of $20,000 and a whole goal of $80,000 for lead truck.

Reaching the goal of $20,000 will see $78,000 raised for CONVOY since
2021 and I am aiming by 2025 that this figure exceeds $100,000.

With the support from our community, I know we can do this together.

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