Team Dandaloo’s Cycle300 & Cycle1000 Team Page

Team Dandaloo’s Cycle300 & Cycle1000 Team Page

The Cycle 1000 is a charity bike ride from Ballina to Dandaloo Hotel in Kanahooka – 1000 kilometres, with the aim to raise much needed funds for the i98fm Illawarra Convoy then distributed to the Illawarra Community Foundation to disburse funds to ill and sick children and families in the Illawarra.

The ride will finish with a family fun day at the Dandaloo Hotel on Sunday 5th September from 2pm. The day will include the arrival of the riders, BBQ, face painting, jumping castle, entertainment and more….


Yes, you heard it right! Rider applications for the Cycle 1000 for i98fm Illawarra Convoy are OPEN! To discuss an application or to receive an application form, you must email
Application forms and application discussions will only occur via email; or if you would like to discuss the ride you are welcome to call Dan on 0466 402 424!

To be eligible to participate in the ride, riders must complete an application form which will be emailed if you are interested!

Riders will be cycling 1,000 km’s from Ballina to Dandaloo Hotel, Kanahooka over 7 days!! Remember, there is only 20 SPOTS AVAILABLE! It is first in, best dressed, so if you are keen to ride, please email straight away!

SPONSORSHIP PACKAGES ALSO AVAILABLE The Team Dandaloo and Cycle 1000 would kindly ask that you consider becoming one of their Cycle 1000 2021 Sponsors. Joining as a sponsor to the Cycle 1000 is an ideal philanthropic opportunity for your organisation and provides the following benefits:

· Partnership and brand association with the i98fm Illawarra Convoy

· Enhanced corporate reputation

· Brand awareness and media exposure

· Possibility to reach a wider demographic & enhance customer experience

· Enhanced employee morale and teamwork

· Fully tax deductible sponsorship

· Reputation of charitable work in the Community

· Networking opportunities with other corporate organisations

· Improved community relationships through exhibiting the highest level of community responsibility and corporate philanthropy

2021 will see the ride in its fourth year, and the challenging task is for 20 cyclists to ride from Ballina to Kanahooka from the 29th August to the 5th of September. As many would understand, the physical and mental demands in participating in this kind of event is tough, but we look at the children and families who are doing it extremely tough and it gives us a sense of satisfaction to know that we are helping these families in their toughest times. By choosing to support the Cycle 1000, you will play a huge role in knowing that your money is going to help these families lives and relieve their financial burden. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, we look forward to hearing from you or if you have any questions or would like to discuss a tailored package, we would love to have a chat.

Recent Activity

Quee family Quee family 13 AUG 2021 Good luck on the ride! $50.00 Donated
Seaview Preschool Seaview Preschool 02 AUG 2021 From Hendrix McGregor $25.00 Donated
Laurinda Poeira Laurinda Poeira 01 AUG 2021 $50.00 Donated
Steins Plumbing Solutions Steins Plumbing Solutions 28 JUL 2021 Great cause mate! Glad it’s you not me haha wouldn’t last 2 klms $50.00 Donated
Josh Ford Josh Ford 28 JUL 2021 Well done on a great cause $100.00 Donated
Bennett Haberbusch Bennett Haberbusch 28 JUL 2021 Onya mate! $50.00 Donated
Joanne  Eisel Joanne Eisel 28 JUL 2021 Great work for a great cause 🚴 $100.00 Donated
Dimovations Pty Ltd Dimovations Pty Ltd 17 JUL 2021 Good luck, Burek power 😂 $50.00 Donated
Michael  Smith Michael Smith 13 JUL 2021 Good luck mate wish I could join ya $50.00 Donated
Valiant Finance Valiant Finance 12 JUL 2021 $1,000.00 Donated
Carly Cuthbert Carly Cuthbert 08 JUL 2021 $50.00 Donated
Southbound Adventures Southbound Adventures 07 JUL 2021 What a great cause to be riding for. Safe journey to you and your team. $100.00 Donated
Keith&Marianne Sharman Keith&Marianne Sharman 04 JUL 2021 Keep safe $200.00 Donated
Anthony Hubbard Anthony Hubbard 02 JUL 2021 All the best mate!! $50.00 Donated
Kerryn O'Brien Kerryn O'Brien 30 JUN 2021 Wishing you all the best Sheree you ae amazing !! $50.00 Donated
Tahnee Bowden Tahnee Bowden 30 JUN 2021 $50.00 Donated
Jenna Leabeater Jenna Leabeater 30 JUN 2021 Super proud of you my gorgeous friend! You are a total legend! ❤️ $50.00 Donated
Adam Sharman Anonymous 30 JUN 2021 $100.00 Donated
PacLease Sydney PacLease Sydney 30 JUN 2021 Mate all the best that's a long way on a pushy! $1,000.00 Donated
Prime Creative Media - Prime Mover magazine Prime Creative Media - Prime Mover magazine 30 JUN 2021 $50.00 Donated
Tolleno Hire Pty Ltd Tolleno Hire Pty Ltd 30 JUN 2021 Ride like the wind girl… $500.00 Donated
Peter Gallagher Peter Gallagher 30 JUN 2021 $100 for you and $100 for your poor bike seat! Good luck $200.00 Donated
Anna Rebikov-Vincent Anna Rebikov-Vincent 30 JUN 2021 $50.00 Donated
Scott Sharman Scott Sharman 29 JUN 2021 Good luck $100.00 Donated
Adam Barlow Adam Barlow 29 JUN 2021 $50.00 Donated
East Built East Built 28 JUN 2021 Good luck this year! $500.00 Donated
John Stewart John Stewart 27 JUN 2021 Good luck with the ride Glen. $100.00 Donated
Relish on  Addison Relish on Addison 25 JUN 2021 $100.00 Donated
Wollongong Crane Trucks Wollongong Crane Trucks 23 JUN 2021 Good luck Mark! $150.00 Donated
Erica Podolski Erica Podolski 18 JUN 2021 Only person I know who could do 1000km with a smile the whole time $25.00 Donated
Bethanie Durham Bethanie Durham 17 JUN 2021 Yessss Shez go get em legend!!🙌🏼 $30.00 Donated
Sandra Kuhn Sandra Kuhn 17 JUN 2021 Good luck Sheree.. $150.00 Donated
SeaView Preschool SeaView Preschool 16 JUN 2021 Behind you all the way, love Dad xx $50.00 Donated
Tarnya Camilleri Tarnya Camilleri 16 JUN 2021 Go Sheree your a trooper you can do it lovely 🎉♥️👍🏻 $200.00 Donated
Seaview Seaview 16 JUN 2021 $25.00 Donated
Zenith Medical Solutions Zenith Medical Solutions 16 JUN 2021 One dollar for every kilometer. $1,000.00 Donated
Emma Carberry Emma Carberry 16 JUN 2021 You go girl! $100.00 Donated
Shique Floral Design Shique Floral Design 16 JUN 2021 You’re amazing Sheree $100.00 Donated
Lilly Clarke Lilly Clarke 16 JUN 2021 $40.00 Donated
Emma Hughes Emma Hughes 16 JUN 2021 You are a machine!!! Go girl xx $200.00 Donated
Tricia & Claire  Wilson Tricia & Claire Wilson 16 JUN 2021 Ride Like the Wind! Massive Commitment Great Cause $50.00 Donated
Jenna Jones Jenna Jones 16 JUN 2021 $50.00 Donated
Elise Capotosto Elise Capotosto 16 JUN 2021 Such a huge achievement helping so many lives.You got this xx $50.00 Donated
Baby kingdom Baby kingdom 10 JUN 2021 $200.00 Donated
Lynette  Ross Lynette Ross 08 JUN 2021 Well done gorgeous, very proud of you 💜 $100.00 Donated
Ramy Investments Pty Ltd Ramy Investments Pty Ltd 26 MAY 2021 Well done Steve $200.00 Donated
S Burton Developments Pty Ltd S Burton Developments Pty Ltd 24 MAY 2021 $50.00 Donated
Narelle Day Narelle Day 21 MAY 2021 Great effort $100.00 Donated
Illawarra Prestige Illawarra Prestige 11 MAY 2021 $100.00 Donated
N/A N/A 08 MAY 2021 Enjoy the challenge. $100.00 Donated
Kim Thomas Kim Thomas 05 MAY 2021 You’re amazing! $50.00 Donated
Angela Zonneveld-Condon Angela Zonneveld-Condon 05 MAY 2021 $20.00 Donated
Brownsville Newsagency Brownsville Newsagency 05 MAY 2021 Ride strong, ride safe. Great cause. $100.00 Donated