100% Kokoda - Triple 100 Kokoda Challenge

100kg man /Over 100km plus/Under 100 hours?
All money raised going to Illawarra Convoy.
April 2019.

Recent Activity

Advance Earthmovers Pty Ltd Advance Earthmovers Pty Ltd 14 NOV 2019 Great cause! $500.00 Donated
Wollongong City Excavation & Demolition Wollongong City Excavation & Demolition 12 NOV 2019 $200.00 Donated
Panelquip Panelquip 12 NOV 2019 $250.00 Donated
Rob Danby Anonymous 11 NOV 2019 Congratulations Brad. well done $500.00 Donated
BROOKES ENGRAVING AND SIGNS BROOKES ENGRAVING AND SIGNS 21 MAY 2019 From the team At Brookes engraving and signs $200.00 Donated
ANZAC 3 ANZAC 3 07 MAY 2019 Great effort Brad and good to walk back to Owens corner with you $100.00 Donated
Mr Mr 16 APR 2019 Go Brad! $150.00 Donated
Trystan Griffiths Trystan Griffiths 15 APR 2019 $150.00 Donated
Ruth Perry Ruth Perry 11 APR 2019 Amazing effort Brad!!! Here’s wishing you all the very best for smashing it!!!! $50.00 Donated
Pete and lili Pete and lili 06 APR 2019 Brad and Mick : proud to call you two my mates and please come home safe and healthy.. $1,200.00 Donated
Cleary Bros Cleary Bros 28 MAR 2019 A great cause. $300.00 Donated
Peter Cascone Peter Cascone 26 MAR 2019 all the best brad $100.00 Donated
Janine  Brownhill Janine Brownhill 21 MAR 2019 Go brad! You are such an inspiration and I know your mum would be so proud x $25.00 Donated
Smart Electrical Contractors Smart Electrical Contractors 15 MAR 2019 Sorry for being slack I’m up for a quick Sublime one morning if you’re available $100.00 Donated
Judy Boynton Judy Boynton 10 MAR 2019 Good luck 🍀 see you on the track $50.00 Donated
Vivienne Dean Vivienne Dean 04 MAR 2019 Love your passion Brad, will be with you in Spirit! Love, Viv xox $50.00 Donated
South coast solar solutions South coast solar solutions 06 FEB 2019 You have got this Newto, great to see you put youself out there for a massive challenge $100.00 Donated
Kanahooka high school Anonymous 13 DEC 2018 $0.58 Donated
Fast Tread Fast Tread 22 NOV 2018 All the Best Brad! From the Fast Tread Team. $300.00 Donated
BAYSET BAYSET 21 NOV 2018 Good luck making the double trek Brad $200.00 Donated
Booth Partners Booth Partners 21 NOV 2018 Great work Brad! $100.00 Donated
Advanced Constructions Advanced Constructions 19 NOV 2018 $1,000.00 Donated
Active Crane Hire Active Crane Hire 19 NOV 2018 Hi Brad, That's a massive Challenge !!! Good Luck from The Active Team $500.00 Donated
Grosvenor Grosvenor 19 NOV 2018 $150.00 Donated
Defence PHATT (Healthy Warriors) Defence PHATT (Healthy Warriors) 18 NOV 2018 Brad The gift of giving and sharing is so important to those who need it most. Even when you don’t have much the feel of relief in the hour of need is gratifying. You have a great heart for doing this. You will achieve your physical challenge! You have already surpassed your target amount and have a lot of time left to get even more for the cause. You are doing this for right reasons Never quit never surrender 😎🦏🦅😎 $100.00 Donated
The Munoz Family The Munoz Family 18 NOV 2018 Congratulations Brad !! You are a QUITE BEST ACHI EVER!! $50.00 Donated
W&D Robson Anonymous 17 NOV 2018 Theory for today $200.00 Donated
Cristina  G Cristina G 17 NOV 2018 $20.00 Donated
Bronte & Kobi Newton Bronte & Kobi Newton 17 NOV 2018 Very proud of our Dad $100.00 Donated
A Better Choice Cleaning & Maintenance A Better Choice Cleaning & Maintenance 16 NOV 2018 Go Brad $168.00 Donated
ABC Cleaning ABC Cleaning 16 NOV 2018 $50.00 Donated
Dean Gaviloski Dean Gaviloski 16 NOV 2018 Good luck Brad, I am sure you will make the trek look easy $155.00 Donated
Thurgate Electrical Services Thurgate Electrical Services 16 NOV 2018 Great work $50.00 Donated
NSW Painting Anonymous 16 NOV 2018 $500.00 Donated
Pupovac constructions Pupovac constructions 16 NOV 2018 $50.00 Donated
Thurgate Farming Thurgate Farming 15 NOV 2018 $100.00 Donated
Pupovac Pupovac 14 NOV 2018 Great achievement raising what you have so far ! $50.00 Donated
Go Steel - Steel House Frames Go Steel - Steel House Frames 12 NOV 2018 Brad Newton - You're a machine!! Awesome effort I admire your strength & determination xo $1,000.00 Donated
Jacko & Lou  Beckett Jacko & Lou Beckett 10 NOV 2018 Great effort very proud of you!! $50.00 Donated
Pupovac Constructions Pty Ltd Pupovac Constructions Pty Ltd 09 NOV 2018 $2,000.00 Donated
Harry Hawksworth Harry Hawksworth 07 NOV 2018 $30.00 Donated
Rebecca Rose Rebecca Rose 07 NOV 2018 Keep up the great work! $30.00 Donated
Terry and Alison Colquhoun Terry and Alison Colquhoun 06 NOV 2018 $50.00 Donated
Anne Maree Stewart Anne Maree Stewart 02 NOV 2018 $100.00 Donated
Sky Developments Sky Developments 01 NOV 2018 Awesome effort Mr Newton $2,000.00 Donated
Klondu Group Pty Ltd Klondu Group Pty Ltd 25 OCT 2018 Good Luck mate $200.00 Donated
Jas n Jo Bennett Jas n Jo Bennett 24 OCT 2018 Good luck Guys 💪🏻 $50.00 Donated
Black Opal Bay Pty Ltd Black Opal Bay Pty Ltd 24 OCT 2018 We all have a busy life schedule & to take time out for this special event is commendable. Good luck $200.00 Donated
Jason & Tanya Cross Jason & Tanya Cross 22 OCT 2018 All the Best Brad and Michael! Safe Travels for April! $50.00 Donated
Reesha Lewis Reesha Lewis 21 OCT 2018 Best of luck mate, good on you! What an amazing thing to do! $30.00 Donated
Meadows swim school Meadows swim school 21 OCT 2018 Great job Brad and Mickey $50.00 Donated
TLE Wollongong TLE Wollongong 15 OCT 2018 From Benny and the Boys from TLE, Well done and All the Best with your adventures $100.00 Donated
Climax Air Conditioning Climax Air Conditioning 12 OCT 2018 Way To Go Brad. Best of Luck. $200.00 Donated
Mr Mr 09 OCT 2018 Brad, keep up the great work ... $2,000.00 Donated
Lucija  Valentic Anonymous 27 SEP 2018 Wishing you and your crew all the very best Brad...No doubt you’ll smash it. Both!!! Kokoda and the fundraiser!!! Go Brad!!! $100.00 Donated
Donna Jones Donna Jones 26 SEP 2018 You are a special person Brad Newton. Best of luck with your challenge...you will smash it! $100.00 Donated