Stefanutti Construction Pty Ltd.

This year we are doing things a little different. If you donate $1,000.00 or more to our Convoy team, we are offering you the opportunity to display your Company Logo on our custom banners which will be displayed on our trucks on the day of the Convoy.

As always, we dedicate our fundraising efforts to Amarli, our cousin Davide and to two of our employees who sadly lost their wife’s this year.

The cut off for Company donations is Friday 03/11/2023.

We encourage all our workers and members of the community to get behind this amazing community event, which helps so many children and families in need throughout the Illawarra.

We appreciate every dollar you can contribute and hope to see you on the side of the road cheering on the day.

Recent Activity

Family x Family x 19 NOV 2023 Fantastic charity good luck all x $500.00 Donated
Lynda Hartley Lynda Hartley 19 NOV 2023 Hope you all had amazing day for my beautiful great niece amarli and other children aunty Lynda xxx $50.00 Donated
Jean & Wayne Cooper Jean & Wayne Cooper 18 NOV 2023 $300.00 Donated
Mark & Sharon O'Callaghan Mark & Sharon O'Callaghan 16 NOV 2023 $200.00 Donated
Southern Cross civil & Rail Training Southern Cross civil & Rail Training 16 NOV 2023 $100.00 Donated
Go Hire Site Rentals Go Hire Site Rentals 15 NOV 2023 Great Effort Guys from all the team at Go Hire Site Rentals $500.00 Donated
Stefanutti Construction Pty Ltd. Stefanutti Construction Pty Ltd. 15 NOV 2023 On behalf of STEFANUTTI, we would like to thank everyone who has donated to our team fundraising. To all our employees who volunteer their time for this annual event, we appreciate each and every one of you! To Amarli, Davide, Jenny and Judith, our fundraising efforts are in your honour! $6,000.00 Donated
Lincom Pacific Lincom Pacific 10 NOV 2023 $500.00 Donated
Viv Roberts Viv Roberts 08 NOV 2023 $150.00 Donated
Finlay Screening & Crushing Finlay Screening & Crushing 07 NOV 2023 $1,500.00 Donated
Giulio/Jackie  Stefanutti Giulio/Jackie Stefanutti 07 NOV 2023 $200.00 Donated
Southern Cross Civil & Rail Training Southern Cross Civil & Rail Training 05 NOV 2023 Big thank you to Steffanuti Constructions for their on going fundraising support $1,000.00 Donated
Talbot Finance Talbot Finance 03 NOV 2023 Well done team Stefanutti. Brady - Finlease $1,000.00 Donated
Park / Enhance Park / Enhance 03 NOV 2023 $1,000.00 Donated
Ericom Pty Limited Ericom Pty Limited 03 NOV 2023 Very happy to be part of Local Community events. Convoy makes a real difference to people in the Illawarra region. $2,000.00 Donated
Allcott Hire Pty Ltd Anonymous 03 NOV 2023 $1,000.00 Donated
Pinner construction group Pinner construction group 28 OCT 2023 $300.00 Donated
James Phipps James Phipps 27 OCT 2023 So pleased to support this cause and this amazing company $500.00 Donated
Handley Business Solutions Handley Business Solutions 26 OCT 2023 $100.00 Donated
Davis engineering solutions Davis engineering solutions 25 OCT 2023 $500.00 Donated
Aria Kontopoulos Aria Kontopoulos 18 OCT 2023 YAY! Team Stefanutti! $100.00 Donated
Macey Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd Macey Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd 13 OCT 2023 Great work team Stefanutti $2,000.00 Donated
Chris Blount Chris Blount 11 OCT 2023 $50.00 Donated
ACT Linemarking Pty Ltd ACT Linemarking Pty Ltd 10 OCT 2023 $1,000.00 Donated
Justin  Coles Justin Coles 06 OCT 2023 $50.00 Donated
Ella Kutup Ella Kutup 19 SEP 2023 🩷 $100.00 Donated