Sheree Mason

Participant of the Cycle 1000 2021
Every little bit helps a child and their family …
Last year I embarked on the two day 300km CONVOY bicycle challenge after seeing the effect that childhood illness has on children and their families.
After raising an incredible $14,000 last year, I thought I’d reach for the stars and set myself a bigger challenge this year by riding 1000km in seven days!
Why? Well this year I want to set an even bigger goal to raise more $$$ for those in need. It is incredibly rewarding to make a difference and help those less fortunate. You can live vicariously through me and together we can do our bit to help. I’ll put in the sweat, you can help by donating some much appreciated and tax claimable funding.
Please dig deep, you really, never know what is around the corner.
Let’s make a difference and a positive change together.

Recent Activity

Lyndle & Tom Goodwin Lyndle & Tom Goodwin 23 OCT 2021 Woo Go Sheree! 💪🏼 $50.00 Donated
Jasper  Lipscombe Jasper Lipscombe 11 OCT 2021 $100.00 Donated
SeaView Preschool SeaView Preschool 08 OCT 2021 Cadbury Choc x 2 $1,000.00 Donated
Curious Kids Curious Kids 05 OCT 2021 Cadbury Choc x 2 $1,080.00 Donated
Sheree Mason Sheree Mason 20 SEP 2021 $1,000.00 Donated
Seaview Preschool Seaview Preschool 02 AUG 2021 From Hendrix McGregor $25.00 Donated
Laurinda Poeira Laurinda Poeira 01 AUG 2021 $50.00 Donated
Dimovations Pty Ltd Dimovations Pty Ltd 17 JUL 2021 Good luck, Burek power 😂 $50.00 Donated
Carly Cuthbert Carly Cuthbert 08 JUL 2021 $50.00 Donated
Kerryn O'Brien Kerryn O'Brien 30 JUN 2021 Wishing you all the best Sheree you ae amazing !! $50.00 Donated
Tahnee Bowden Tahnee Bowden 30 JUN 2021 $50.00 Donated
Jenna Leabeater Jenna Leabeater 30 JUN 2021 Super proud of you my gorgeous friend! You are a total legend! ❤️ $50.00 Donated
Tolleno Hire Pty Ltd Tolleno Hire Pty Ltd 30 JUN 2021 Ride like the wind girl… $500.00 Donated
Relish on  Addison Relish on Addison 25 JUN 2021 $100.00 Donated
Erica Podolski Erica Podolski 18 JUN 2021 Only person I know who could do 1000km with a smile the whole time $25.00 Donated
Bethanie Durham Bethanie Durham 17 JUN 2021 Yessss Shez go get em legend!!🙌🏼 $30.00 Donated
Sandra Kuhn Sandra Kuhn 17 JUN 2021 Good luck Sheree.. $150.00 Donated
SeaView Preschool SeaView Preschool 16 JUN 2021 Behind you all the way, love Dad xx $50.00 Donated
Tarnya Camilleri Tarnya Camilleri 16 JUN 2021 Go Sheree your a trooper you can do it lovely 🎉♥️👍🏻 $200.00 Donated
Seaview Seaview 16 JUN 2021 $25.00 Donated
Zenith Medical Solutions Zenith Medical Solutions 16 JUN 2021 One dollar for every kilometer. $1,000.00 Donated
Emma Carberry Emma Carberry 16 JUN 2021 You go girl! $100.00 Donated
Shique Floral Design Shique Floral Design 16 JUN 2021 You’re amazing Sheree $100.00 Donated
Lilly Clarke Lilly Clarke 16 JUN 2021 $40.00 Donated
Emma Hughes Emma Hughes 16 JUN 2021 You are a machine!!! Go girl xx $200.00 Donated
Tricia & Claire  Wilson Tricia & Claire Wilson 16 JUN 2021 Ride Like the Wind! Massive Commitment Great Cause $50.00 Donated
Jenna Jones Jenna Jones 16 JUN 2021 $50.00 Donated
Elise Capotosto Elise Capotosto 16 JUN 2021 Such a huge achievement helping so many lives.You got this xx $50.00 Donated