Jordan Cole

Hey guys my names Jordan and I'm 10 years old. My photo is of me at 3am on the morning of Convoy 2016 after having only 2 hours sleep. I was up early ready to climb on up in the truck to head down the mountain. I was so excited then and im so excited now. Not long to go.
Ok guys Im trying REALLY HARD to raise money again this year for the I98fm Illawarra Convoy.
Please help me raise money for those who really do need and deserve it.
Please if you could spare even just $1 to donate Please donate it. Of course any and ALL donations big and small are extremely appreciated by not only me but EVERYONE who is involved in the Convoy.
Can't wait to see everyone again this year. Fingers crossed I will be in a truck again this year and will get to wave to everyone as we roll on down the hill.
Can't wait until the 19/11/2017
Thank you for reading guys.
See you all out there.
46 more sleeps =)

Recent Activity

Morag Taws Morag Taws 21 OCT 2017 Super effort Jordan! $10.00 Donated
St Michael's Anglican Cathedral St Michael's Anglican Cathedral 19 OCT 2017 Great work, Jordan! God bless. $5.00 Donated
Leah Mitchell Floral Leah Mitchell Floral 18 OCT 2017 Well done Jordan. $100.00 Donated
Susan Browbank Anonymous 14 OCT 2017 Good luck little man. $20.00 Donated
Nana & Pa Handcock Nana & Pa Handcock 13 OCT 2017 We are proud of you - our little Man $50.00 Donated
Sarah Pinchuck Sarah Pinchuck 13 OCT 2017 This small donation is on behalf of my kids who I hope grow up to be as philanthropic (doing good for others) as you! $10.00 Donated
Anita Glover Anonymous 12 OCT 2017 Way to go Jordan! $20.00 Donated
Marty  Haynes Marty Haynes 12 OCT 2017 You make the Illawara proud Jordan. $100.00 Donated
Anon Anon Anonymous 12 OCT 2017 Your a true champion Jordan. Keep up all of your hard work. I've seen your name 4 times this year raising money and volunteering for different charities. Well done youmg man. Keep up all that hard work. Gosh your mum must be extremely proud of you and your little sisters. Good luck and i really hope you go higher then your goal. $40.00 Donated
Sandra Russo Anonymous 12 OCT 2017 Have fun!! $40.00 Donated