Sheree Mason

Another year another challenge right, who wouldn’t want to ride 1000km to help a family in need in our community? You know the saying, “You never know what’s around the corner” so for this reason and for the families that I have seen go through some heartache is the reason that for the 3rd year in a row I am embarking on this challenge.

My goal this year is to raise a massive $20,000 which will total to over $50,000 combined for the past 3 years. I am asking you to help me to achieve this, who doesn’t love to help others, what a great feeling. So please dig a little or dig a lot, but whatever it is big or small would be greatly appreciated by those in need.

Recent Activity

Buechner Investment Buechner Investment 12 AUG 2022 So proud of you xx $250.00 Donated
Margaret Gleeson Margaret Gleeson 10 AUG 2022 $50.00 Donated
Bin City Bin City 08 AUG 2022 $300.00 Donated
Arthur Stanton Vascular Practice Anonymous 05 AUG 2022 $1,000.00 Donated
Dimovations Pty Ltd Dimovations Pty Ltd 01 AUG 2022 Make sure your Phiit $50.00 Donated
Ready Set Go Health Group Ready Set Go Health Group 28 JUL 2022 $200.00 Donated
Kylie & Charlie Luckraft Kylie & Charlie Luckraft 26 JUL 2022 $50.00 Donated
Amanda  Bonnici Amanda Bonnici 25 JUL 2022 You go girl - your killing it!!!! $1,000.00 Donated
Curious Kids Curious Kids 25 JUL 2022 Leading the way xx $1,000.00 Donated
SeaView Preschool SeaView Preschool 25 JUL 2022 Just keep pedalling $1,000.00 Donated
Graciela  Valledor Graciela Valledor 23 JUL 2022 Thanks so much for everything $20.00 Donated
Justin Hess Justin Hess 16 JUL 2022 Let’s go!!!!!!!!! $50.00 Donated
Kerry Little Kerry Little 29 JUN 2022 $100.00 Donated
Peter Nascimento Peter Nascimento 29 JUN 2022 $50.00 Donated
Urban Couriers Urban Couriers 29 JUN 2022 on behalf of Jaxon Hamad $1,000.00 Donated
Kustom Engineering Kustom Engineering 07 JUN 2022 Power on :) $200.00 Donated
Medicine in Motion Health Group Medicine in Motion Health Group 01 JUN 2022 $50.00 Donated
Kirstie Watt Kirstie Watt 21 MAY 2022 $100.00 Donated
Quick Hitch Towing Quick Hitch Towing 20 MAY 2022 You absolute legend 👍🏻👏♥️ $200.00 Donated
Buechner Investments Buechner Investments 20 MAY 2022 Proud of you xx $250.00 Donated